Your beautiful hosts, wondering where all the men are in the desert??!?

Your beautiful hosts, wondering where all the men are in the desert??!?


A feminist climate podcast

Welcome to The C-Word: A feminist climate podcast! Heather and Cleo here, your two fabulous, socially-anxious hosts who are here to break down the connections between two of the biggest issues on the table today: climate change and feminism.

If we had to ask you to make a list of things you'd be least  likely to bring up at the dinner table, we're guessing it would look something like this:

  1. The 2016 Presidential election
  2. Flesh-eating bacteria
  3. Police brutality
  4. Climate change
  5. Feminism

Our name comes from two of the dirtiest phrases in the English language. You can probably guess the first one, and the second one is climate change. We know climate change is a super difficult subject to talk about, let alone engage with, so we're here to rip off the bandaid and get people talking about why the jet stream is slowing or why those cute lil' polar bears are dying. 

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication notes that only around 69% (nice) of Americans "believe" in climate change. We're hoping to change this narrative away from "believing" (because we all know what happened to Tinkerbell when people stopped believing in her) and towards engaging.

We know that climate change is scary. Change in general is scary, so thinking about our entire planet undergoing a period of massive shifts in climate is almost beyond our cognitive abilities. Tbh, we're pretty sick of reading those news articles with crazy headlines like "Great Barrier Reef Declared Dead," or "Everything you Love is Going to Die because you Didn't Buy a Tesla." That's why we decided to confront this issue in the most conversational, lighthearted way possible.

You're probably wondering what feminism has to do with all of this. A lot, it turns out. Feminism and climate change intersect in a ton of different ways, and in ways you might not expect. Any ecofeminist can tell you how the oppression of women and the oppression of nature go hand-in-hand. As our climate becomes more unstable, existing patriarchal (not to mention racial, colonial, cisheterosexist, etc.) structures are only going to get worse. Our goal in this podcast is not only to point out the ways the women (broadly defined) and nonbinary folks are disadvantaged by what we call "climate chaos," but also how we can be empowered to do something.

 We're gonna do our best to keep things intersectional here, which means we're going to critique some deeply-embedded institutions. We're also definitely going to fail. We only ask one thing of you: help us fail productively. We, like you, are still learning. We happen to know a lot about climate change, but we're working on a lot of other stuff! So if you hear something cringey on the podcast, we probably just don't know what we're saying. So drop us a line, slide into our DMs, or send us a strongly-worded letter letting us know! 

So buckle up, and get ready to never get a full night's sleep ever again!

Peace & Love,

Heather and Cleo

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