Welcome, C-Words!

Are you a woman or gender non-binary person? Do you feel hopeless about climate change? Are you worried about the bees? Well so are we, and we're here to do something about it.

This podcast is designed for people of all genders, but especially women and NB folks (and any men interested in this stuff!) to connect and engage with climate change. It's no surprise that non-dominant identities are more likely to face elevated burdens as our world warms, so we decided it was time to speak up.

Join us for bi-weekly episodes as we talk to experts in the field about things like why women are more likely to die in storm surges, what feminism means to the climate movement, or how women and NB people around the world are leading the charge against climate chaos, all done in a way that won't overwhelm or confuse your tiny ~lady brain~

Stay tuned for information on our first episode, and subscribe for weekly updates! Check out or social media as well for updates, news, etc. once we start releasing episodes. For now, check out what we're all about.


Heather & Cleo

Heather Tourgee