Episode Four: The Gay Agenda

Hey! Welcome back to the podcast for episode four! We spoke with activist, river guide, and generally awesome human Lauren Wood about their work with Wasatch Rising Tide, Queers Divest, and connections between climate justice and queer liberation. Part of our intersectional approach on The C-Word has been to shed light on ways different communities must work together to build coalitions against the big bad meanies that make climate change worse! So we spoke with Lauren about how movements can work together to shape a more just world all around! Here it is:

You can read the full text of the petition here. Still wondering what climate justice and queer liberation have to do with each other, or want to read more about queer ecology? Here's a good primer from the Power Shift Network. Also check out the essay from NYU press's "Keywords" series, and this great article from Bluestockings about the dangers of exclusion. If you feel inspired to get involved, here are links to the Uplift Climate Conference and the Poor People's Campaign that Lauren mentioned on the air.

Heather Tourgee