Episode Five: This Land is Our Land

Public lands (lands  that are owned and administered by the federal government) make up 66.5% of Utah's land. This includes national parks, national forests, wildlife preserves, and other designations that guarantee our access to them. But who was Woody Guthrie really talking to when he said, "this land is your land?"

Public lands in Utah and around the country are known as the backdrops for creating meaningful, lifelong connections between people and places (are you even a Utahn if you haven't snapped a pic at Delicate Arch?). Take a look around you at these places, though, and you'll see a pretty homogenous (read: white) crowd. This crowd doesn't accurately represent the US population, which is who these lands are designed to benefit.

Olivia Juarez wants to change that. As the Latinx community organizer for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, her job is to make public lands issues relevant to the Latinx community, who are often left out of organizing. Take a listen to this week's episode to hear more about her work and why it is so important and relevant to a number of issues, including climate change, immigration, and the future of our public lands!

Heather Tourgee